Transactions: Tagging

On the Transactions screen click on the Tag name for any transaction.  You now have two ways to find and select a tag against the transaction.

  1. A dropdown will appear with a list of groups on the left, with the list of tags each group contains to the right.  Hover over any group to show the tags contained within that group and then click on the tag to select it and tag the transaction. 
  2. Alternatively, if you just start typing the name / part of the name of the tag any matches will appear below the tag field and you can select to tag the transaction. 


Apply to Similar

So you never have to tag new transactions again!

In both cases above remember to tick the 'Apply to similar transactions' checkbox before selecting the tag if you want transactions with similar/same descriptions to be tagged the same.  This will not only apply the same tag to existing transactions, it will apply the tag to transactions with similar/the same description that come into your Money Dashboard in the future.

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