3. Add your bank accounts

1. Choose account provider

Use the 'Search all banks' text box to quickly locate your provider, or scroll to browse.  After an initial shortlist of the most popular providers a full list will continue underneath.  Providers are arranged in alphabetical order.


If you can not find your provider you can check on our list of supported providers or contact support for further advice.


2. Select account type

Once you have chosen your provider you may be prompted to choose which type of account you wish to add. Previously Credit Cards needed to be added separately from Current and Savings accounts, but on this new system all accounts that share the same login details can be added simultaneously.  

For example, if you have both a Lloyds credit card and a Lloyds current account accessible under the same login you can add them both simultaneously by selecting Lloyds > Lloyds Personal Banking.


Some banks continue to have separate login forms for different account types, so for example if you have a Virgin savings account and a Virgin credit card you would still need to add them separately.


3. Enter your details

Once you have selected your account type (if required) you will be presented with the online banking login form for that account.


Once this form is submitted a 'Connecting to bank' pop will appear



If your bank requires additional security details, such as additional answers to security questions or if you use a security token, you will be prompted for these after a connection has been established.  Sometimes, especially when a unique code has been generated, there is a time-limit for how long you have to enter the information, so try and have your code generation device to hand when you start the process.

Once your accounts details have been verified the accounts will appear on your Dashboard. It may take a little while longer to retrieve the transaction data for those accounts, but a further pop will appear advising you when the transactions have been imported. 

If there has been difficulty establishing a connection to your account you will receive an error pop with a code, please take a note of this error code and the message returned in case you need to contact our support team. 

4. Edit your account information

Once the account has been added you can go to the Manage Accounts screen (cog icon at the top of the left hand My Accounts column).

Here you can further edit information about the accounts and set things like the colour that the account is displayed in, overdraft/credit limits, personalised account names, and you can also choose whether you want to include/exclude the balance of that particular account in the overall account balances (top right).

You can edit this information by clicking/tapping on the three dot icon to the right of an individual bank account, then select Edit account.


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