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We have made some minor changes to the way Additional Financial Items/Offline Accounts work. Firstly you should notice that they have now been renamed 'Offline Source', and in addition they are now available on the mobile apps.

The Offline Sources feature allows you to manually enter and update balances for things such as unsupported accounts (eg, mortgages, loans, investments, etc), accounts that don't have an online banking facility, cash in hand, private loans/debts and the value of assets.  You can also choose to include these items in your overall balance.  At present it is not possible to manually import transactions for these Offline Sources accounts but our development team are considering introducing this feature. 

Creating a new Offline Sources account
To create a new Offline Sources account on both the web version and mobile app you can select Offline Sources from the main Add Account list.



Edit the balance of an Offline Source
To edit the balance of an existing Offline Source click/tap the refresh icon for that account, and enter the new balance in the pop that appears.

Please note that this pop will incorrectly advise you that you need to enter additional secure authentication to connect and retrieve transactions. This is because in order for us to be able to include Offline Sources in the mobile apps we've effectively had to treat them as a dummy bank account, and unfortunately this means that the refresh/update text that appears is the same as that presented when refreshing a Multi Factor Authentication type bank login (eg, card reader, one time access code, randomly selected additional security question, etc). Obviously as this is not a real connection to a bank account no security information is required (and there is nowhere to enter it), and it is still not possible to manually insert transaction data for these Offline Sources. Our development team are considering introducing this facility in a future update, but there are still no definite plans or timescales for this at the moment. We are also looking into ways of being able to rectify this incorrect pop messaging and apologies for any confusion caused.

Editing other Offline Source information
On the web version click/tap the three dot icon to the right of the account and select Edit Account. Here you can change the account name, colour and account type.



Please note that it is only possible to designate Offline Sources as either Current, Savings or Other. It is not possible to apply the Credit Card designation to Offline Sources (or in fact any real connected bank account other than those that are genuinely credit cards). This is because credit cards are handled differently to current and savings accounts, and the ability to designate accounts with this type has been disabled to prevent inadvertently inverting the account balance. If you are adding a credit card as an Offline Source please enter the negative balance and change the designation to 'Other'.

You can also choose to include/exclude the balance of this account from your overall totals by selecting the 'Include in total balances' toggle (this can be applied to real connected bank accounts too). Any accounts that are set to be excluded from the total balances will display an icon of an eye with a line through it next to the balance of the individual account on the Manage Accounts screen, and also on the individual account in the left-hand My Accounts column.




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