6. Dashboard

Customising your Dashboard

1. Place the panels

There are six panels available in your Dashboard, and the position of these can be changed by clicking and dragging the title of each panel.


2. Budget Tracker

This view gives updates and summary of budgets that you have created on a 'Budgets Page'.


3. Outgoings in the past 7 days

This view gives a summary of your outgoings in the past 7 days.


4. Customise your Outgoings by group view

This view shows a summary of your outgoings by group.


Clicking on any section, or section title, gives you a summary by tag for that Group.


The 'other' section is slightly different. If any Group total is less than 5% of your total outgoings they are grouped together under the 'other' section. Viewing this section you will see both Group and Tag level figures.

Clicking on the cog at the top right of the panel opens the edit screen

The time period used to display the chart can be changed by clicking on 'Chosen Time Period' blue date.

6. Customise your Balance trends view

Balance trends allow you to compare your balance to the last calendar month. You can select to view All, Current only or Credit Card only


6. Customise your Outgoings by tag view


This view allows you to track 3 tags over a period of 3-12 months. clicking on the Cog at the top right of the panel allows you to choose the tags to view and the time period to view them over.

A click/touch on a column will reveal the transactions making up the total for that tag in that month. A click/touch on a tag key item will show all the transactions for that tag over the selected time-period. In both cases, there's a jump-off link to the transactions screen where you can edit these.


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