4. Transactions (Tag, search, download)

Choose 'Transactions' from the menu





Use a combination of the Account Selector and the search bar to narrow your search.

You can use the transactions screen to get subtotals of transactions, filtered by name, date, value or tag - click 'Result Summary' to view results.



Download your transactions

You'll find the ability to export/download your transactions into a .csv file (spreadsheet) in the top right of the main Transactions screen. Click on the downward pointing arrow icon next to Results Summary to export a .csv file.  



The download will include all transactions in the current view, i.e. any filters applied will be taken into account, and will include date, account, original description (as it appears at the bank), custom description (if you have amended it), value, and the tag applied.

Please note that this function is not available when using Safari, and is also not available on the mobile apps. 


Editing and tagging transactions

Click/tap on an individual transaction description to change the description.

Click/tap on an individual transaction tag to activate the pop-up transaction list. Select the appropriate tag from the options given or create a new custom tag by clicking on 'Add a tag'.

Tagging Rules

Remember to tick the 'Tag similar transactions' checkbox before selecting the tag if you want transactions with similar/same descriptions to be tagged the same.  This will not only apply the same tag to existing transactions; it will apply the tag to transactions with similar/the same description that come into your Money Dashboard in the future.

You can also click on the blue 'Multi-Edit' icon above the search field to enable multi-editing.




Splitting Transactions:

Hover your mouse over transactions amount - blue 'split' transactions feature will appear on the site - click 'Split' - apply new tag - edit amount - click ' Apply'.







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