Use this screen to see all your transactions on all your accounts, tag transactions, search for and view specific individual and combinations of transactions.


Use the 'Accounts' drop-down in the top right to toggle accounts off/on to display transactions from a specific account or combination of accounts


Editing and tagging transactions

Click/tap on an individual transaction description to open the description edit pop.



Click/tap on the tag field of an individual transaction to activate the pop-up tag list. Select the appropriate top level category tag from the options given, or click on the arrow to the right of a particular category tag to open a more detailed list of sub-tags.

tag_pop_1.png             tag_pop_2.png

Remember to tick the 'Tag similar transactions?' checkbox before selecting the tag if you want transactions with similar/same descriptions to be tagged the same.  This will not only apply the same tag to existing transactions, it will apply the tag to transactions with similar/the same description that come into your Money Dashboard in the future.

If you hover over the bank icon for a specific transaction a check box will appear.  Click on the check-box to open the Multi-Edit tool.


The grey bar along the top will turn blue to indicate Multi-Edit is active.  Use the checkboxes to select multiple transactions. You can choose which tag you want to apply to the selected transactions by using the SELECT A TAG drop-down in the blue bar.  Once you have chosen the tag you want you will then need to click the APPLY button in the top right for the tags to be applied to all selected transactions.

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