Incoming vs Outgoing Graph

Use this chart to see your financial behaviour over time, including the current month.


  • 'Change Account' button top-right lets you select which accounts are reported upon.
  • Use the checkboxes underneath to choose which kinds of categories/tags are included in the charts.  Click on the 'down-arrows' to get more detailed options.
  • Click and drag on the graph to zoom in on a smaller range. To return to the full graph view, click 'Show all' in the top right corner.

If you would like a more detailed view of incoming and outgoing transactions for a specific month, simply click on the bar you are interested in. This will reveal a separate chart. Clicking on a segment of the new chart will give a pie chart breakdown similar to that displayed on the dashboard. Clicking on an individual segment will allow you to see the transaction breakdown for that segment.


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