Transactions: Filtering and Searching

Find specific transactions / combinations of transactions and see their value / combined value.


Click in any of the filter headings in the grey bar:

  • clicking 'FILTER BY DATE' will trigger a pop where you can select some default date options: All Available, This Month, Last Month, Last 90 Days or a Custom Date range where you can then select the start and end date for the range you wish to see
  • click in the 'Description' field and then start typing to return transactions with the same description / part of description
  • click in the 'Tag' box and start typing the name / part of the name of a tag to search for all particular transactions with that tag. You can also search for multiple tags by including a semi-colon and space between each tag (also note this is not case sensitive).  Eg - TV licence; water; insurance; electricity
  • clicking 'FILTER BY AMOUNT' will bring up a pop where you can choose a minimum and maximum range of values for the transactions you want returned, or use the slider to set the levels. Alternatively, you can quickly choose to see either all incoming or all outgoing by using the checkboxes.  


Filtering happens straightaway e.g. as soon as you start typing in a field.  To clear any filter click on the blue 'clear' button that will appear under each field.

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