A transaction appears on my bank account but not my Money Dashboard account.

Transactions only appear on your Money Dashboard account once they have cleared fully on your bank or credit card accounts.  It is possible that some transactions may appear on your bank accounts but have not yet cleared, e.g. a cheque or POS transaction may show as having come out of your account but can still take several days to clear into the payee's account.  


Transactions viewable on your bank accounts may have occurred since the last update and are not yet viewable on your Money Dashboard account.  In this case you can manually update your accounts by clicking the Refresh icon on an individual account which will update the all the information on all your accounts held by that provider.  If you are still unable to view the transactions it may be that they have still not cleared, in which case please try again later.  If you still find you are regularly not able to view some transactions please contact user support for further help. 

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