How do I split transactions?

This feature is only available on the full website version of Money Dashboard.

Navigate to the Past Transactions Screen.

Using a mouse:

Hover over the value of the transaction and click Split in the overlay that appears below.

Using a touchscreen:

Tap the value to show the overlay.


This will open an overlay at the top of the screen where you can specify a different tag and/or description for each split.

The first 'split' is the original transaction, the value will be automatically altered when changes are made to any subsequent splits and is not configurable.

Points to note:

  • When using a mouse you may have to click outside the value box to trigger an update to the value of the original transaction.
  • If you enter a value of zero the value will revert to the previous number
  • If you enter a value that will reduce the original transaction value to zero or less the value will revert to the previous number
  • There is no 'undo' feature. so please ensure the values are correct before selecting 'Save changes'. Tags and descriptions can be edited later.


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