Why am I seeing a #D405 error on my account?

If you have received a #D405 error (incorrect login details error) when refreshing your accounts:

1) If you have recently added the account, or recently updated the credentials, it may be that one of the fields was incorrect as not all fields are checked at every connection attempt for most banks.

2) There may have been a change made by your provider (these are often visible as changes to providers online website) which has caused an unknown error. This may force the account into error if it is unclear whether the issue is a credentials issue or not.

 To update your credentials:

Full website

  •  Click the cog icon next to 'My Accounts' in the left hand column
  •  On the 'Manage Accounts' screen identify the correct provider and click/tap the three dot icon to the far right of the individual account and select Update Login Details from the menu
  •  You should now be taken to the credentials form for that provider

NB: If you do not see the Update Credentials text, please ensure the add/refresh progress bar, which will be at the top of the page, is closed by clicking OK.


  •  Select Accounts from the main page
  •  Identify the correct provider and tap to expand
  •  Tap on Update login details
  •  You should now be taken to the credentials form for that provider

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