Can I get a Money Dashboard joint account with a partner?

Yes and No.  Only one user can be registered to a Money Dashboard account.  However, two people could agree to share the one account and it is possible to link the personal accounts of both parties and any joint accounts they may hold to the one Money Dashboard account.  This is at the discretion of the users and there are security and privacy issues you should consider first.  Both users would be able to see all the transactions on not only their joint accounts but all transactions on the other person's personal accounts too. 

Alternatively both users can create their own Money Dashboard accounts which are both linked to the same joint accounts but only the individual's personal accounts.

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    Howard Gannaway

    Presumably, if two people were separately accessing a joint account, their tags would not be shared?  They would have to each set up their own tags.

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    Hiro Daryanani

    Thanks Howard. Have the same question..

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    Also, on a technical note, with NatWest, if I am logged into their web site, and try to sync with MoneyDashboard within 10 minutes of logging out I get:

    "For security reasons access to your Online Banking service has been restricted for 10 minutes. This is because your accounts may have been accessed from two different devices (a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile), within a short period of time."

    Therefore, two people updating MoneyDashbaord or viewing the same joint account via the bank's website/mobile app could well see this. 

    I seem to remember locking myself out of my Natwest account before I realised what was the real issue and having to contact customer services to get it unlocked.

    Obviously, this is a security precaution that MoneyDashboard have no control over, but one to watch out for with Joint accounts linked to multiple MD accounts.

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