How do I remove accounts?

There are three different options for dealing with bank accounts that are no longer required or have been closed at the bank - Removing an individual bank account, setting a bank account to a Closed status or fully deleting all linked bank accounts that share the same login details.

These options can be found on the full web version Money Dashboard (desktop/laptop/tablet or phone browser) by going to the Manage Accounts screen, then clicking/tapping on the three dot icon to the far right of a particular bank account and selecting 'Remove/Delete'. A pop will appear with the following options:

Remove this account

Selecting this option will remove the individual selected account from your Dashboard, along with the transaction history and data. If you have other accounts added from the same bank that use the same login details they will be unaffected and remain on your Dashboard. If there are no other accounts from that bank present on Money Dashboard then removing the account will also delete the stored login details for it.

Mark this account as closed

This option can be used where an account is now closed at the bank, or where you have received a replacement credit card and the original card is no longer active. Choosing this option retains the transaction and tag data for the account and will still appear on Money Dashboard. This will also:

-Insert a 'Closing Balance Transfer' transaction to reset your balance to £0
-Remove any error codes from the account if there are no active accounts left
-Disable the ability to refresh and update credentials options if there are no active accounts left

Please note that the closing balance transfer date will default to today's date. You can select an earlier date if you wish, but please ensure you don't select a date earlier than the last imported transaction on that account - doing this will cause plotting errors with the Balance History/Trends charts. If you do select your own date please ensure it is at least the day after the last known imported transaction.

Delete all linked accounts

This option will permanently remove all bank accounts (including credit cards) from that bank that share the same login details. This will permanently remove the accounts, transaction and tag data, and login details for the selected items and **it will not be possible to recover this information**. You will be presented with a list of accounts that will be removed by selecting this option, and you will be required to enter your password to proceed with this.

Android App & iOS app

At present only the ability to Remove an individual account is available on the mobile apps.  It is not currently possible to set accounts to a Closed status or delete all linked accounts from the app. 

To remove an account -

Tap Accounts from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
Tap the account you wish to remove to bring up the menu options and select Remove.




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