Why can I only see some transactions when I first link to an account?

We are limited by the amount of data providers will share with us, and different banks display different numbers of transactions. When you first link to your account, Money Dashboard will retrieve up to a maximum 12 months of transactions for current and savings accounts, and 90 days for credit cards.  For example, if your bank only displays seven days of transactions, then Money Dashboard can only pull across seven days’ worth of transactions. We will always retrieve the maximum number of transactions available up to 12 months/90 days from your bank, credit card provider or building society.

However, after the initial set-up and the transactions are in your Dashboard, they stay put and build up over time as you regularly refresh your accounts.

You can see how recently your accounts were refreshed by looking at the time on the accounts displayed in the left-hand My Accounts column.  Clicking the 'Refresh' button on one of these accounts will refresh all the accounts that you have added from that provider.  You can also refresh your accounts in the Manage Accounts screen.


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