I have duplicate transactions, how do I get rid of them?

We've now introduced a new duplicate removal tool which can be found on the full web version of Money Dashboard. Please note that feature is not currently available on the mobile apps but we hope to have this included in a future update.

To remove the duplicates:
Go to the main Transactions screen then click/tap the multi-edit button in the top right of the list. You should then see a greyed-out MARK AS DUPLICATE button at the top left of the transactions list


Use the check-boxes to select the transaction(s) you want to remove - hover over the bank icon on the transaction and a check-box will appear

Once a transaction is selected the MARK AS DUPLICATE text will turn red. Click/Tap on it to remove the selected transaction(s). The transaction(s) will then be removed instantly.


Please note that as before when a transaction is removed this process is permanent and it may not be possible to recover transactions removed in error. It should only be used to remove genuine duplicate transactions. If it is used to remove transactions that are not genuine duplicates this will cause permanent plotting errors with the Balance Graphs and it will not be possible to rectify them.

The delete pop will summarise the selected transaction(s) again prior to confirming their removal, and we would urge you to check the selected transactions again before proceeding. If 5 or more transactions are selected for removal the pop will ask you to re-enter your Money Dashboard account password in order to proceed.


Please let us know if you continue to have problems with duplicate transactions.

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