Weekly Summary Email

We recently introduced a new feature to Money Dashboard - your Weekly Summary Email.


Sent to Money Dashboard users every Thursday, the financial summary email gives you a snapshot of your finances over the previous 7 days, showing you:

  • Your spending in the past 7 days: a breakdown, by category, of your spending over the last week, across all your accounts (excluding the day the email is sent)
  • Balance changes in the past 7 days: see how the balances of each of your accounts have changed over the last week
  • All of your untagged transactions

To get the most out of your weekly summary please ensure your accounts are regularly updated and transactions are tagged.  The summary email only contains data from the most recent account refreshes, and if accounts have not been refreshed in over 7 days then the weekly summary email will not contain any information.  

To make this process easier we attempt to automatically refresh accounts once a day, though we cannot guarantee success.  Also, it is not possible to automatically refresh accounts from certain providers.  Accounts with providers that require additional security information to login (eg - One Time Access Code, card reader, etc) cannot be refreshed automatically and require a manual update by the user at each login.


Opting In and Out

If you would like to turn the Weekly Summary Email feature on or no longer wish to receive it you can opt in or out by logging in to the application and going to Settings > Email Settings.

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