Forgotten my email address/change email address?

When you register a Money Dashboard account you will need to supply your email address and this is used along with your password to login to Money Dashboard.  The email address field is not case sensitive, but please note you cannot use abbreviated versions of an email address to login if it does not match the registered address.  For example, if you create an account with the address you must enter the full address at each login - you cannot login with

Please also note if you require a password reset you must enter your registered email address when requesting it.  Password reset emails can only be sent to the registered email address and you will not receive one if you enter a different address.  More information on resetting your password can be found here.

Forgotten your email address

If you have forgotten your email address you can request a reminder by following the 'Forgotten your details?' > 'Your email address' buttons on the login page.  Here you will need to enter your name, date of birth and a return email address.  If the return email address is in fact your registered email address then you will receive an automatic reply advising it is correct.  If you are still unable to login then the likely issue is your password is incorrect.  Please see the link above for instructions about resetting your password. 

If your return email address is not the registered email address then the support team will contact you with further advice.  If you have already added bank accounts then they may request some additional security/identifying information before divulging the registered address.

Typo in your registered email address

If you made a typing error in the email address when registering your Money Dashboard account you may have problems logging in.  If you are not sure what the error was then the support team can advise you of this if you follow the steps for a forgotten email address reminder above.  If you are able to login with the typo email address you can change it to the correct address by following the steps below.  If you are unable to login to your account with the typo email address please contact support for further advice.

Changing your email address

You can change your email address by logging in to Money Dashboard and going to My Profile (three lines, top right).  Please note this feature is currently only available on the full desktop version of Money Dashboard, not the mobile version.



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