I get a message 'Something went wrong' when trying to login

If you have an existing Money Dashboard account and get the error message 'Something went wrong' trying to login firstly please ensure you are on the correct login page.  The Sign Up page https://my.moneydashboard.com/auth/register is for creating a new account, not logging in to an existing one.

Similarly if you are trying to enter your details on the website home page https://www.moneydashboard.com/  the email and password fields on this screen are also for creating a new Money Dashboard account, not logging in to an existing one.  It is not possible to create a new Money Dashboard account with an email address that is already registered, so if you are trying to login to an existing account here this will explain why you are getting the error message.

You can log in to your account by clicking on the 'Log in' button, or by visiting https://my.moneydashboard.com/auth/login

If you are unable to remember your password you can reset it by clicking the 'Forgotten your details?' > 'Your password' buttons on the login page.  More information on how to reset your password can be found here.

If you are on the correct login page and are confident your login details are correct, but you are still encountering a 'Something went wrong' message please contact support for further assistance.

iOS App

If you are able to login correctly on the web version but get a 'Something went wrong' error when trying to login on the iOS app then please try the following before contacting support.

If you have previously enabled the 'Stay logged in' feature on the app then part of the validation process for this records information about the device and operating system version.  If you install an update to the iOS version, or if you have recently imported the app onto a new iPhone/iPad from an older Apple device via iTunes/iCloud sync the app may no longer recognise the device/operating system version and return the 'Something went wrong' error.

In this instance please delete the app then re-install the most recent version from the Apple App store.  If you still get the error trying to login again after this please contact support. 

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