The terms and conditions of my bank state that I should not give my details out to anyone.

Some UK banks have terms which do not make a distinction between aggregation services and misuse by providing your details through non-secure portals or to other people personally.

We are developing relationships within the banking industry to increase transparency and understanding in this area.  Ultimately, it is your decision as to whether you use our service; please read more here.

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    Justin Thomas

    I'm with Halifax - their latest terms and conditions state as follows:

    “We will not treat you as breaking your security
    obligation just because you use an aggregation service
    we do not provide, as long as you continue to keep
    your Security Details secure and do not disclose them
    to the service provider. A typical aggregation service
    allows you to view information about your accounts
    with different banks on a single website.” The current
    condition 2.8 will become 2.9. "

    So... it's a bit weak really.  How can I use Money Dashboard without disclosing my security information?  Ridiculous update to the Halifax t&c's or my misunderstanding of what they are saying?

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